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CPAP Alternatives: The Dental Solution
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CPAP Alternatives: The Dental Solution

For mild-to-moderate sleep apnea, the custom-made oral appliance is simply inserted in the mouth at bedtime, much like an athletic mouthpiece. It works to open your airway by moving the jaw and tongue forward, and increasing muscle tone in the soft palate to prevent obstruction.

  • A properly fitted mandibular appliance that is titrated using the Pharyngometer, CBCT and repeating Home Sleep Study
  • CPAP and mRNA appliance treat the symptoms by either forcing air down the throat (CPAP) or gently moving the jaw and tongue forward (MRA)
  • To treat the cause you must use DNA or ALF appliances to expand the jaws to provide space for the tongue
  • Also to include Myofunctional Therapy to retrain the tongue position and swallowing
  • Patients may be able to use the OSB (Oral Systemic Balance) appliance to control jaw-tongue reflex

MRA oral appliances are proven effective in eliminating snoring and treating sleep apnea while avoiding the inconveniences and difficulties of traditional CPAP therapy with its masks, hoses and electric pumps.

If you are interested in finding out if an mRNA oral appliance is right for you and are suffering from CPAP intolerance in Washington DC, and Baltimore area, call the sleep dentists at The Julian Center today for a free screening and information about CPAP alternatives.